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Tucker Croft is one of the two assistants that serves Elise Rainier

He is portrayed by Angus Sampson.



Tucker offers the tech aspect of Spectral Sightings. An inventive mechanical designer, Tucker's innovative approaches to technology were recognized by an esteemed technical school that offered him a full scholarship, which he rejected in favor of paranormal investigation. Tucker is revolutionary in the field of spectral mechanics, writing several books before and after joining the Spectral Sightings team.


After being sent to the Lambert house, his machine discovered twin spirits hiding in the halls and tells Specs to call Elise immediately. He helps with recording their sessions with the Lamberts.

Insidious: Chapter Two

After visiting Elise's house and accidentally knocking over a stack of VHS tapes, Tucker discovers who Josh was actually talking to in 1986, and later would find Parker Crane's record in the hospital. He is also the one who discovers Parker's secret room.

Insidious: Chapter Three

In Insidious: Chapter 3, The Prequel before the first Insidious, Tucker and Specs were internet pranksters that had their own website where they faked cleansing ghosts. Alex Brenner, Quinn Brenner's younger brother, pressures Sean Brenner (their father) to hire the team to help Quinn, to which he reluctantly agrees, worrying that they could be nothing more than internet pranksters. After witnessing actual spectral activity, Specs and Tucker reveal that their previous findings were faked. After Elise is called in for extra help, Specs and Tucker help her cleanse the ghost. After a proper cleansing, the team found that they worked well together and agreed to work together in the future.

Insidious: The Last Key

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Insidious: The Dark Realm

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Personality and Traits

Because of his rather deadpan personality, Tucker is often used for comic relief. Despite this, Tucker is very serious about the work he does with Specs and Elise. He takes pride in building the equipment that the Spectral Sightings team uses, and even sold copies of his inventions on Craigslist at some point. According to the script for Insidious: Chapter 2, he has a strong dislike for government surveillance and frequently takes measures to avoid it. Despite his technological brilliance and passion for his work, Tucker is shown to be somewhat unprofessional as he is often seen eating when on the job. It is also revealed that he is rather nosy as he's willing to enter private rooms in Elise's house without a second thought.