Tucker is one of the two assistants that serves Elise Rainier



After being sent to the Lambert house, his machine discovered twin spirits hiding in the halls. He also records the events that happen

Insidious: Chapter Two

Tucker discovers who Josh was actually talking to in 1986, and later would find Parker Crane's record in the hospital. He is also the one who discovers Parker's secret room.

Insidious: Chapter Three

In Insidious: Chapter 3, The Prequel before the first Insidious, Tucker and Specs were internet pranksters that had a their own website where they faked cleansing ghosts. Alex Brenner, Quinn Brenner's younger brother, pressures Sean Brenner (Their Father) to hire Tucker and Specs to help Quinn. Sean asks what if they were fake, but Alex states that they had to do something, and Sean hires them. After witnessing true ghosts however, Tucker and Specs reveal that they were fakers that just sat in an empty dark room, pretending to cleanse ghosts. After Elise arrived, Tucker and Specs help her cleanse the ghost. After Elise cleansed the ghost that was attacking Quinn, Tucker and Specs join Elise in cleansing other ghosts and soon becomes a good friend of hers.

Personality and Traits

Rather deadpan, often used for comic relief Is very serious about the work he does with Specs and Elise. Is very proud of being the one who built most of the equipment they use. He lets his appetite get in the way of his work. It is also revealed that he is nosy as he would enter private rooms in Elise's house.

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