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Steven Fisher, commonly known by his nickname Specs, is one of two assistants that work with Elise Rainier.

He is portrayed by Leigh Whannell.



One of the first proponents of the "organic theory" on extrasensory perception (ESP), Steven (sometimes spelled "Stephen" in early logs on the Spectral Sightings website) is an accomplished and gifted clairaudient. He is not only able to hear the energy of spectral entities, but to then translate them into sketches recognizable by clients.


Specs is first introduced when Elise is called to Lambert house. He acts as a sketch artist for Elise when she performs a walk around of the house. Upon entering Dalton's room, Elise begins describing to him what she sees very quickly. Specs draws out an image of the Red Faced Demon.

When Elise performs the seance to try and reach Dalton in the further, Specs acts as a note taker listening to her whispers and keeping the Lamberts updated on the situation.

Insidious: Chapter 2

He releases Lorraine from the closet after she was locked in there by Parker. He is shown to have some knowledge of medicine as he procures a tranquilizer and explains what it does.

Insidious: Chapter 3

In Insidious: Chapter 3, The Prequel before the first Insidious, Specs and Tucker were internet pranksters that had their own website where they faked cleansing ghosts. Alex Brenner, Quinn Brenner's younger brother, pressures Sean Brenner (their father) to hire the team to help Quinn, to which he reluctantly agrees, worrying that they could be nothing more than internet pranksters. After witnessing actual spectral activity, Specs and Tucker reveal that their previous findings were faked. After Elise is called in for extra help, Specs and Tucker help her cleanse the ghost. After a proper cleansing, the team found that they worked well together and agreed to work together in the future.

Insidious: The Last Key

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Insidious: The Dark Realm

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Personality and Traits

A fan of Star Fleet, vintage comic books, snowboarding, Mahler's early work, and white button-ups, Specs is often is needed to keep Tucker on task. He is the more serious worker of the two, but is revealed to have a childish side as he is willing to play "Hunter, Ninja, Bear" (a rendition of "Rock, Paper, Scissors") over who has to investigate a scary noise. He is shown to be generally passive, unless his work is insulted, where he will stubbornly repeat that he is important and (when Tucker says otherwise) is most important.

In Chapter 3 he is shown to have at least some writing skills, as he wrote for their blog, Spectral Sightings. Despite his constant arguing with Tucker, it is shown that they are good friends, and are shown in Chapter 3 to have liked each other enough to have started a business together, as well as get their names printed on a license plate together in The Last Key.