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Renai Lambert is the deuteragonist of Incidious and the main protagonist of Incidious Chapter 2, the wife of Josh and the mother of Dalton, Foster and her baby daughter Cali. She is attacked by spirits numerous times throughout both movies.


Renai was born in 1974 and eventually married Josh Lambert. In Insidious, Renai constantly sees and hears strange things in her house. Josh, has a hard time believing her as he is at work most of the time and sees none of the spirits. After begging, she, Josh and her kids finally move away but the paranormal keeps on threading her and her son, Dalton who has been in a coma for several months. At the end of the movie, Elise gets strangled by a demon who has taken the appearance of Josh Lambert. Renai is the first to find out Elise is dead.

Insidious Chapter 2

Renai continues to see and hear peculiar sounds and frightening events in her home, including a change in Josh's behavior. Josh continually tells her to calm down, but she refuses after being attacked by a Woman in White. She is almost strangled to death by possessed Josh before being saved by Dalton. When Josh finally returns to the Living, she initially doesn't believe him but after Dalton races to hug his real father, she does the same.


Renai is a gentle mother to Dalton and Foster and a good friend and always try's to stay calm when she experiences the forces that try to take over her son.