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A 5th Insidious film, titled Insidious: The Dark Realm has been confirmed by Blumhouse.

Theories on Insidious: The Dark Realm

In the latest Insidious installation, the psychic medium Elise goes to New Mexico for a case that takes place in her childhood home. There, she meets her two nieces, Imogen and Melissa. Portrayed by Caitlin Gerard, Imogen shares Elise's psychic gifts and is able to enter the spirit world. The young woman plays an important role in the movie, as she ends up rescuing Elise from the main evil spirit. This movie then ends where the original Insidious movie picks up.

As some critics suggest, a new movie could also take place after the events of Insidious: Chapter 2. Based on recent announcements from Blumhouse and Patrick Wilson, this looks to be the case. By the end of Chapter 2, we see Elise as a spirit who guides the clueless guys at Spectral Sightings on their ventures. Elise is the glue of the entire series, and despite dying by the end of the original flick, she's either appeared as a ghost or as her past self. While there's basically a new evil spirit in each chapter, and a fifth installment would not necessarily require continuity from any previous Insidious movie, she’s likely to make an appearance with so much of the original cast coming back.

As of now, Insidious: The Dark Realm has been confirmed by Blumhouse, and is set to be directed by Patrick Wilson and revisit the Lambert family 11 years after their haunting.