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Naked Man in the Further
The Naked Man with Josh.
Biographical information
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Faction Neutral-Bad
Health Unknown
Status Presumably still in existence
Played by Jack Walsh
First seen Insidious
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The Naked Man is the spirit of an elderly male who resides in the Further.


The Naked Man appears to be the ghost of an old man, who looks fairly human at first glance, but has some inhuman traits: his body is covered in purplish-black veins, his eyes are bloodshot, his skin is pale and his voice possesses a sinister inflection.

However, unlike many other spirits of the Further, the Naked Man is not enitrely hostile towards Josh or Carl. Instead, he actively warns the duo about the Ghoul's imminent attack on Josh's youngest child and points them in the direction they need to go. 

He is not to be confused with Parker, for he is an entirely different spirit; despite the similarities. 

Oddly enough, Josh cannot perceive the Naked Man, while Carl seemingly can.