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Lanterns are lighting devices found only in the Further. They may be used by both spirits and astral travelers to provide a source of light while navigating the spirit realm and inflict grievous harm onto malevolent entities. Apparently, only benevolent spirits and astral travelers can wield them.


Lanterns seem to simply lie around in the Further and don't belong to anyone in particular. While they have different designs, they all are medium in size with black boning and handles. They cast a pale electric bluish light.

Powers and abilities

Like any light, they can be used to navigate the way around the Further, although their light does not reach very far as it cannot be focused.

Their most impressive feature is harming spirits, as when malicious entities come too close or come into direct contact with it, they will suffer severe burns and will be blasted off their feet. If actually hitting a spirit with it, a burst of powerful lightning-like radiance will blast the spirit away, causing grievous wounds. It has proven to be powerful enough to rebuke spirits as powerful as KeyFace, who is mighty enough to rule a part of the Further.