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Josh Lambert is the main protagonist of Insidious and the deuteragonist of Insidious Chapter 2, the husband of Renai and the father of Dalton, Foster Lambert and baby Kali. His spirit was trapped in the Further at the end of the first movie, and his body taken over by the Old Woman, who had been trying to take over his body years before.


Before Insidious

Josh was born to Lorraine Lambert and his father. Like his son Dalton, he was also able to astral project, the consequence of his ability showed in the pictures his mother took of him, and showed that he was being stalked by the old woman. Leaving her horrified for Josh, Lorraine contacted Elise Rainier, a psychic, and with her help they managed to suppress Josh' memory and stop him from astral projecting.

Insidious Chapter 2

The movie begins where the 1st movie left off. Josh put his hand on Renai's shoulder.

Josh is arrested for Elise's murder   The investigator asks Renai whether or not she believes Josh. She hesitates for a moment before saying "yes".

Josh is already possessed by Parker Crane and hears voices later revealed to be that of his mother, Michelle Crane, telling him to kill his family in which he replies, "please dont make me do it" but it is the only way for him to live. Josh exhibits more aggressive behavior towards Renai. It is revealed Josh was attacked by Parker Crane in a mental instution (he was admitted after castrating himself) when he was young. A possessed Josh kills Carl and Carl meets Josh and Elise in the Further. After defeating Parker, Josh returns to his old self as he is about to kill Renai and their children. Josh and Dalton decide to forget their ability to astroproject.

Insidious the last key

Josh and Renai Lambert both have cameos at the very end. So does Dalton Lambert.


Josh is a medium tall man with brown hair and blue eyes and a mustache that seems to be growing back. He has the same physical appearance in both Insidious and the sequel.

When possessed by Parker Crane, his teeth start falling out and he develops a sinister look. His hair is thinned and his face seems to have a touch of evilness to it. He showed signs of accelerated aging, developing wrinkled and paler skin that made him look almost corpse like.