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Doll Girl
The doll girl after killing her family.
Biographical information
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Faction None
Health Unknown; possibly mentally insane
Status Deceased
Played by Kelly Devoto
First seen Insidious
The doll girl and her family

The Doll Girl is the ghost of a teenage girl existing in the Further with her family. She, along with her family, are doomed to relive their traumatic deaths in the Further.

The Further

Upon entering the Further, Josh finds an imitation of his home and ventures within. At first, he encounters a lady in a wedding gown lamenting over her fate, but as she vanishes further into the house, Josh encounter the Doll Girl's family in the living room. 

At first, the mysterious family are seemingly active, but as Josh draws closer, they halt. Josh continues his investigations and heads into the dining room, where he sees the Doll Girl sitting at the dining table holding a loaded gun.

Josh questions the ghost, but she does not reply. Suddenly, three gunshots are heard and the Doll Girl vanishes from her spot and reappears in the living room, having shot her entire family dead, as the Doll Girl grins in a sinister manner at her work.  Josh leaves to go upstairs, but as he does, the Doll Girl and her family appear to him one last time. Together, they smile at Josh, implying that they may have found some sort of entertainment in their damnation. Afterwards, the Doll Girl and her family aren't seen again.


Her attire, along with the attire of her family, suggests she may have lived around the 1950s. The family itself perpetuates the stereotype of the 'perfect family' of that time. The Doll Girl also sports an unsettling grin after killing her family. Judging from the Doll Girl's facial expression, her reasons for killing her family may have been due to some form of insanity.