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Cali Lambert is the baby sister of Foster and Dalton and is the youngest daughter of Josh and Renai. Her actress is unknown.


At various times, Cali is terrorised by The Long-haired Fiend at various intervals, especially during her naps. At the first time, when the house alarm goes on, Renai hears Cali crying and goes to her room, only to find the Long-haired fiend behind her crib, smiling maliciously. He disappears when Josh comes.

Insidious Chapter 2

Cali made another appearance in Insidious' sequel, Insidious Chapter 2. The ghost of a woman in a white dress appears one morning and runs to Cali's room. When Renai attempts to get in, she is knocked out unconscious. She is last seen being brought to a babysitter by Renai.