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Astral Projection was the supernatural occurrence or ability wherein the consciousness of being who's in a state of slumber or comatose, left their body, into an "astral body" where they could travel into the real world or in different planes of existence, throughout time and space. In the Insidious Universe, all characters using astral projection travel into the Further.

Astral bodies

Astral bodies were capable of traveling into people's memories, their dream space, the real world where they could interact with the environment or into the "astral plane". These bodies were the manifestations of the traveller's consciousness, and while spiritual in nature, they were generally more powerful than regular human spirits residing in the Further. Astral and physical bodies were connected by a powerful link which prevents the easy possession of the physical body by other entities, but the longer an astral body stays away from its mortal coil, the weaker the link gets, and so, the astral body is also enfeebled, becoming more vulnerable to aggression from other spirits. However, even when a body has been permanently possessed by an alien spirit, the link will not break, only grow weaker with time.

Despite their strength, other spirits may notice that astral bodies are not dead souls but temporary travelers, which may prompt them into trying to possess the now vulnerable and empty body the traveller has left behind. One way of doing it is luring the traveller as far away as possible from their physical body in order to either get them to lose themselves in the Further or ensnare them, preventing them from returning to their physical bodies.

It may be speculated that if the link between an astral body and its vessel is completely destroyed, the body will become as easy to inhabit by other foreign entities as it would be for its rightful owner and its original astral body would become a pale, lost spirit like the rest of human dwellers of the Further.

Astral plane

The astral plane seemed to reside alongside but separately from the physical plane, allowing any astral bodies to witness real world events but remain incapable of interacting with the physical world as well as being noticed by physical elements, though, they were able to possess people's bodies in order to do so.